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6 Best 4-Star Monsters In Summoners War: Chronicles, Ranked

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Summoners War: Chronicles has a large number of 4-star monsters. Here are some of the greatest for an unforgettable team-comp.

Summoners War: Chronicles is an action RPG game with a gacha-based premise that has a large player community thanks to its in-depth mythology, vibrant world-building, and diverse monster roster. Following the popularity of its precursor, Summoners War: Sky Arena, the developers expanded the game, bringing new dynamics and characters while maintaining the heart of Summoners War.

Players can form teams by summoning monsters via the game’s gacha system, allowing for a variety of team compositions and battle tactics. 4-star monsters are vital for any balanced squad, providing the ideal utility for teams without being excessively limited, as 5-star monsters are. The best 4-star monsters aren’t necessarily the heavy hitters, as any outstanding squad requires a balanced strategy between offence and defence.

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