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List Of 15 Best Traits In Wartales

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The traits of a companion can make a big difference in how useful they are in a Wartales fight. Here are the ones you should try to give to your friends.

Wartales by Shro Games is a medieval role-playing game in which players lead a group of soldiers in a harsh world full of plague. Players will notice right away how complicated and important each Companion is and what role they play in relation to the others. After choosing a starting party, players will be able to change each Companion’s unique traits. Companions can also get both positive and negative traits later in the game. Based on how well they do in battle and in each of their Professions.

Traits can change a lot of things, from the general upkeep of the party. And the amount of food it needs to combat bonuses or penalties. When putting together their starting party, players can choose the starting traits of their friends. It is important to choose traits that will help the party the most and avoid those that will hurt them the most at the beginning of the game.

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