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New Bitmain Antminer S19J Pro 104TH ASIC BTC Miner WITH WARRANTY

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The mining of cryptocurrencies has become a hugely popular way for people to generate passive income. However, you need the appropriate tools in order for mining to be lucrative. In the field of cryptocurrency mining, Bitmain is a well-known company. They recently released their latest product, the Antminer S19J Pro 104TH ASIC BTC miner. One of the strongest and most effective miners on the market is what this new device promises to be. We will examine the Antminer S19J Pro in-depth in this post and go through its features, advantages, and disadvantages.

The Antminer S19J Pro: What is it?

The newest model in Bitmain’s Antminer series is the Antminer S19J Pro. Its excellent hashrate of 104 TH/s and custom design make it ideal for Bitcoin mining. This miner, which is among the most potent and effective ones available, is constructed using Bitmain’s 5nm semiconductor technology.

Technical Specifications

  • Hashrate: 104 TH/s ± 3%
  • Power Consumption: 3250W ± 5%
  • Efficiency: 31 J/TH ± 5%
  • Dimensions: 570mm (L) x 316mm (W) x 430mm (H)
  • Weight: 20.2kg
  • Noise Level: 82dB

Build and Design Quality

The Antminer S19J Pro is easy to integrate into any mining setup because to its svelte and small design. High-quality materials were employed throughout the machine’s construction, which is equally outstanding. Users of the miner can quickly set up and keep an eye on their mining activity thanks to an integrated online administration page.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is one of the most crucial things to take into account when purchasing a Bitcoin miner. In comparison to other miners on the market, the Antminer S19J Pro uses 3250W of electricity, which is quite a large amount. However, considering its large hashrate, this is to be expected.

Noise Level

Noise levels are a key aspect to take into account. The Antminer S19J Pro produces 82dB of noise, which is a lot of noise. For miners who are sensitive to noise, this may be a problem. However, the noise level may be greatly lowered with enough ventilation and insulation.

Mining Performance

With a hashrate of 104 TH/s, the Antminer S19J Pro is made particularly for mining Bitcoin. With such a high hashrate, the miner can effectively and swiftly tackle challenging mathematical problems. The miner also has a high efficiency rating of 31 J/TH, which implies that compared to other miners with comparable hashrates, it uses considerably less power.

Warranty and Assistance

The Antminer S19J Pro is covered by a 180-day guarantee from Bitmain. This guarantee covers any flaws or manufacturing errors. Bitmain offers customer assistance for the Antminer S19J Pro in addition to the warranty. You can ask for help from Bitmain’s customer care staff if you run into any miner-related problems. They are ready around-the-clock to assist you troubleshoot any issues you may run across and provide email and phone support. It is always advised to use this assistance if you have any problems with your Antminer S19J Pro while it is still under warranty. This will minimize any downtime and guarantee that you can keep mining without interruption. It will also ensure that any issues are dealt swiftly and effectively.

Pricing and Availability

On Bitmain’s official website, you may purchase the Antminer S19J Pro. When compared to other Bitcoin miners on the market, the miner’s pricing of $11,090 is extremely high. For serious miners, nonetheless, it may be a wise purchase because to its high hashrate and efficiency.

Pros and Cons


  • High hashrate of 104 TH/s
  • High efficiency rating of 31 J/TH
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Built-in web management portal for easy setup and monitoring


  • Relatively high power consumption of 3250W
  • High noise level of 82dB
  • Expensive compared to other Bitcoin miners on the market

Who Ought to Purchase an Antminer S19J Pro?

For serious miners who wish to increase their mining revenues, the Antminer S19J Pro is a strong and effective Bitcoin miner. For casual miners or those on a limited budget, it might not be the best option, though, given to its expensive cost and excessive power consumption.


A top-tier Bitcoin miner that boasts remarkable mining performance and efficiency is the Antminer S19J Pro. The high hashrate and efficiency rating make it a wise investment for serious miners, while its sleek design and built-in online control site make it simple to set up and monitor. However, some miners could be concerned about its high cost and excessive power usage.

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What is the price of the Antminer S19J Pro?

Ans:The cost of the Antminer S19J Pro is $11,090.


Can I mine any other cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin with the Antminer S19J Pro?

Ans:The Antminer S19J Pro cannot be used to mine any other cryptocurrency; it is only intended for Bitcoin mining.


How long is the Antminer S19J Pro’s warranty valid?

Ans:Bitmain offers a 180-day warranty on the Antminer S19J Pro.


Is it simple to set up and operate the Antminer S19J Pro?

Ans:It’s true that the Antminer S19J Pro features an integrated online administration site that makes setup and monitoring simple.


What is the Antminer S19J Pro’s power consumption?

Ans:Power usage for the Antminer S19J Pro is 3250W.


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