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Some of the top 3 TRON wallets for beginners

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Now Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that makes a popular wave in the new digital money world. There are now numerous alternate cryptocurrencies that come as an impressive choice for investors. One such best altcoin is TRON which comes with an impressive past. It was founded by Justin Sun, a 29-year-old CEO. He holds multiple awards and accolades many times. He is even included in the Forbes Asia 30 list and has been nominated for the Nobel Economics Prize. Today we have come up with a list of some of the top TRON wallets that can be used by beginners. 

Ever since TRON made its presence, the network has been through many ups and downs. At present, it has even switched to its mainnet after moving from the Ethereum blockchain. Because of these major reasons, TRON has become a special choice in the crypto community. So if you too desire to have a piece of the pie, then join us today in this article as we are going to tell you about the best TRON wallets that are best in the safe storage of your TRX coins. 

Top 3 TRON wallets a beginner must know

TRON wallets are those digital wallets where TRX coins can be stored. These are supportive of user transactions. So today to help you in picking the right choice for the best TRON wallet, here are some of the top options to look at. 

eToro wallet

eToro can be considered the best wallet for TRON. And this is all because of its wider use in brokerage platforms that are supportive of more than a few assets, including cryptocurrencies. Money a new decentralized software wallet is the recent launch by it. The formation of Money has been done to buy, sell, store, and receive cryptocurrencies. eToro wallet is supportive of a wider crypto selection which also includes one-hundred and twenty assets intending to buy five hundred pairs to exchange. Moreover, this wallet is also supportive of staking. This means a person can lock his TRON coins in the pool in getting rewards in return. 

Crypto.com wallet

Coming to the next best option is the Crypto.com wallet. It comes as the safest storage for your TRON coins. If you are interested in having a diversified portfolio, then this DeFi wallet is the top option to look for. Crypto.com wallet is supportive of numerous stablecoins, mainstream cryptos, and coins. The cryptocurrencies supported by this wallet include BTC, ETH, ADA, USDT, USDC, IOTA, SHIB, TRON, and more. 

Coinbase wallet

First of all, it is very important to know that the Coinbase wallet must not be interlinked with a cryptocurrency exchange of a similar name. Indeed the functioning of both these are done by Coinbase company still, both exchange and wallet are different from each other in terms of features. Now when it comes to comparison with other rival wallets, Coinbase does not support a wide collection of assets, but the tokens supported by it are enough for a person to diversify his portfolio. 

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